About Nalasopara

Vasai Fort Near NalasoparaNalasopara is a satellite town of Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and comes under Thane district, which is administered by the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation (VVMC). The city has been a significant part of ancient India playing a substantial role in foreign trading.It was one of the leading township in western coast with a heavy human traffic due to merchandising with Arabia, Egypt, Greek, Mesopotamia, Rome and Eastern Africa.

Nalasopara is believed to be a well flourished city during the reign of the great Mauryan emperor, Ashoka. Fourteen edicts of Ashoka have been found in this region during excavation, which tell the tale of Ashoka using the city strategically to spread his dhamma. The sea port in the city worked as a great advantage for the propagation of Buddhism all over the world and the bilingual edicts in Greek and Aramaic served the purpose well.

Tourist Places in Nalasopara

Besides the Ashokan edicts and Buddhist paraphernalia, Nalasopara keeps its feet strongly in the modern history as well. Many of the historical forts in and around the region foretells the story of their construction, possession and development by Portuguese, British and Maratha rulers. Being close by the sea, there are many beaches near the city. Also, there are beautiful temples and falls to visit. The surrounding hills are great attraction for trekkers.
The mostly visited places in Nalasopara are:
  • Arnala Fort
  • Vasai Fort
  • Ganeshpuri Temple
  • Jivdani Temple
  • Vajreshwari Temple
  • Tungareshwar
  • Chinchoti Falls
  • Arnala Beach
  • Kalamb Beach
  • Rajodi Beach
  • Rangaon Beach
  • Sona Lakshmi Fun Park
  • Tikuji Ni Wadi
  • Yazoo Park

Climate of Nalasopara

The weather is hot and humid in Nalasopara, as the city is close to sea and Deccan lava terrain. The city spots the temperature range from 40°C Max to 20°C Min with 66% humidity. It rains almost throughout the year. However, it ranges from 3 mm Min to 533 mm Max.

Culture of Nalasopara

The residents of Nalasopara are primarily Marathis, but it is being developed as a suburban city and has become a canter of divergent religion and culture. The official language of the city is Marathi. The residents of Nalasopara celebrates all the fairs and festivals with all its colors and delicious special festive cuisines. The most celebrated festival in the city is Ganesh Chaturthi, which is renowned for colourful and large idols of Lord Ganesha and huge processions. Other major festivals are also celebrated here with as much passion and essence. Few of the major festivals are Makar Sankranti, Gudi Parwa, Haritalika Teej, Holi, and Diwali. The festive foods of this region are Tilgul, Chikki, Chakli, Karanji, Badam Halwa, Shankarpali, Modak, Coconut Potli, Puran Poli, Sprouted Chana Usal and Soonth Panak.

People of Nalasopara are mostly fond of Konkani food and make dishes using grated coconuts, cashew nuts, peanuts and kokum as the main ingredients. Few of the main food are vegetarian dishes with Bhakri or boiled rice, Vada (rice puris), Amboli (pan cake made of fermented rice, semolina and Urad Dal) and seafood. Most popular vegetarian dish is Bharlivangi or stuffed brinjals and popular seafood is a fish known as Bombil. Meal is never complete without a roasted or a fried Papad. The common and famous desserts are Puran Poli (which is also a festive food) and Shreekhand. Meal served during wedding are pure vegetarian and even onion and garlic are barred. The wedding ceremony meal usually consists Chawal, Puris, Varan (a type of Dal), green mango chutney and cucumber salad along with sweets like Shreekhand, Jalebi or Basundi and Buttermilk. A sweet paan known as Vida is served at the end.

Localities of Nalasopara

Appartments in Nalasopara West

Nalasopara is a suburban area of Mumbai and as the most of the suburban regions the city is divided into two major parts—East and West. Nalasopara is flourishing quite well in the infrastructure and real estate business. The eastern side of the city is not much developed and well-planned compared to the western side. West Nalasopara is blooming with a well-thought-out planning and decent connectivity arrangements.

Before urbanization, Nalasopara was distributed in the localities like Bazar Peth, Bhandarali, Chawdinaka, Loharali, Samelpada, Shankar Mohalla, Nawayat Mohalla and Waza Mohalla. The post-urbanization localities are divided as follows:

Nalasopara West

The booming region of the city is well-connected with the metropolis by railway, which is close by Mira Road and highways like Western Express Highway and Gujrat-Ahmedabad Highway. The connectivity makes it an important area for all the development. Most of the housing complexes and hospitals lie in Nalasopara West. It consists the localities Ami Park, Chakradhar Nagar, Chanakya Nagar,Laxmiben  Chheda Nagar, IDBI Colony, Samel Pada, Sri Prastha Complex, Sopara Gaon, Patnakar Park, Nalasopara-Virar Link Road area and Nilemore.

Nalasopara East

The eastern area of Nalasopara is divided in to Achole Road, Achole Gaon, Kargil Nagar, Central Park, Radha Nagar, Tulinj Road, Vijay Nagar, Gorai Pada, Pandey Nagar, Shri Ram Nagar, Wakan Pada and Dhaniv Baag.

Administration in Nalasopara

Situated in the state of Maharashtra, Nalasopara is a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It is administered by the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation or VVMC and is the most populated area consisting about 38% of the total population. VVMC is headed by a municipal commissioner who handles the executive powers. The corporates team gets elected every five years to keep the civil infrastructure in place. The corporate team is headed by a Mayor, who gets selected on the basis of the number of maximum votes.

The services provided by VVMC are as follows:
  • Roads construction
  • Transport
  • Registration of births and deaths
  • Development and maintenance of parks, hospitals, fire stations, lighthouses, cemeteries and crematoria
  • Supply of municipal water
  • Garbage disposal and sewage treatment and disposal
  • Maintenance of street lighting
  • Providing security
  • Collects house tax from the house owners and local body tax from the traders and manufacturers
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