Tourism in Nalasopara

Nalasopara, also known as Sopara is a part of satellite townships in Mumbai metropolitan region. This town has not only been renowned for its splendid and magnificent past, but is also famous for the numerous tourist places in and around the city. There are several picturesque beaches, as it is nearby the western coastal region and spectacular forts as well as endearing temples near this city.

Forts in Nalasopara

Tourism in NalasoparaArnala Fort: It is an island fort and is located at 12 Km from Nalasopara, which is about half an hour travelling from the city. Arnala Fort is also known as Jaldurg and Janjire-Arnala, because it is built on an island.

The main entrance of the fort is North-facing and has a solid stone doorway with the tigers and elephants carvings. Though the fort is lying un - repaired, the external walls are still in good condition. A wide path runs along with the outer walls.

Arnala Fort was constructed by the Sultan of Gujrat, Mahmud Begda in 15th centuary, which was later captured by Portuguese. They tore down the fort and started reconstructing a new one, which was never completed. However, they kept using this fort as a shipping and navigation control center for next two centuries. This fort has been of a great interest for the various rulers due to its strategic location to strengthen the naval army. In 17th centuary, Marathas took over this fort from Portuguese and reconstructed three fortresses Bava, Bahirav and Bhavani. Marathas had to surrender this fort to the British after the third British-Maratha War.

Vasai Fort Near NalasoparaVasai Fort: About 14 Km away from Nalasopara, there is a monument protected by the Archaeological Survey of India known as Vasai Fort or Bassein Fort. The fort is surrounded by sea from three sides and there is a trench filled of sea-water from the land side.

It has been an important coastal area next to Goa for the Portuguese. It was built by one of the commanders of Bahadur Shah, later Portuguese took over the fort and built churches, convents and houses.

In 18th century, Marathas won the Vasai Fort, but surrendered it to the British to get the support against another contingent. Once the fort was well equipped and had two gates, a burg, store houses, water tanks, but now only the ruins of the old structure is standing unaided. Besides all the withered wrecks, it has been a place of attraction for Bollywood and many movies have been picturised at this location.

Beaches in Nalasopara

Arnala Beach in NalasoparaArnala Beach:  Arnala beach is one of the great beaches near Nalasopara with the finest coconut trees at the seashore. There are the finest resorts with great services around the beach, such as Arnala Beach Resort and Swagat Resort.

You can relish the street food like bhelpuri, panipuri and coconut water and also can have the delicious sea food here. During monsoon, you can delight in the rain at the shore with a boiled or roasted bhutta. For the adventure loving people the main attraction is paragliding, also you can take a tour of the beach on a camel.

Kalamb Beach Near NalasoparaKalamb Beach:  There is long clean trench running near the Nalasopara city, which has a peaceful and secluded backdrop and is known as Kalamb Beach. It is adjacent to two other beaches, Arnala Beach and Rajodi Beach. This beach can be an ideal place for one day picnic or for a casual walk. The serene and calm beauty of Kalamb Beach will mesmerize you. You can also enjoy the Chinese street food and Vada Pav here.

Rajodi Beach Near NalasoparaRajodi Beach: Situated at Satpala-Rajodi Road, Rajodi Beach is one of the less explored beaches in Maharashtra. Its soothing beauty will bind you to spend an evening here with your friends. However, it is advisable to pack your food and water with you to spend time at this beach, as there are no food stalls here.

Rangaon Beach: Rangaon Beach is a quiet, calm and tranquil place, hardly known to people, therefore you will not find much of the crowd here. It is mostly visited by the sea-lover neighbourhood. Major reason of remaining less explored is lack of plantation and food joints. Though, a premier resort has opened here recently named West Palm Beach Resort.

Parks in Nalasopara

Yazoo Park in Nalasopara

Yazoo Park: Spread in the 12 acres of area there is a largest amusement park, Yazoo Park, near Nalasopara offering an inimitable experience of entertainment. It is a wonderful place not only for kids, but also for adults. There are exciting sports and cool rides not only for kids, but also for adults. There is an amphitheatre with the capacity of 200 people to organise events. The food court is equipped with 12 counters to serve meal and seating capacity is about of 200 people.

Sona Lakshmi Fun Park: This park is full of exhilarating sports, various types of rides and bungee jumping. You can even enjoy different varieties of boat rides as well. Sona Lakshmi Fun Park is a best option to enjoy the time with your family while keeping your pocket in check.

Tikuji Ni Wadi: Tikuji Ni Wadi is a theme amusement park and is mostly famous for the water slides, pools, go-karting and many rides and is always open for everyone even in the rainy season. Its great attraction is recently added dinosaur park, which is quite realistic. There is resort in the park and has a marriage hall and Shiva temple in its premises. Shivratri is celebrated here by making an ice replica of Shiva.

Other Tourist Places Near Nalasopara

Nalasopara tourist placesChinchoti Falls:  Chinchoti Falls is a beautiful waterfall set in the middle of opulent green forests and forms with a cluster of small and big waterfalls. Its flow increases during monsoon giving a breath taking view. Though it is advisable to avoid visiting the waterfall on a rainy day. Chinchoti Falls can be visited via Kaman village, but if you are looking for some adventure then take the route through the jungle. The jungle route should be taken only with the help of escorts, as it is easy to lose the track of the narrow path.

Ganeshpuri Temple: In the Ganeshpuri village, there is a less known temple—Ganeshpuri Temple, which is said to be founded by Swami Nityananda and Swami Muktananda. There is a natural hot water spring and the temple is spread in a huge area. The Ganeshpuri Temple premises is enchanting and is a treat to visit the shrine and ashrams of Swami Nityananda.

Jivdani Temple Near NalasoparaJivdani Mata Temple: Located at the top of the mountain, which is a part of the Satpura Range, is the temple of the holy Goddess. The shrine is visited by devotees on Tuesday and Sunday as well as all the nine days of Navratri festival. The temple is set about 1460 steps above the ground and gives a scenic view of Virar and its neighborhood.

Tungareshwar: Tungareshwar is one of the highest hill near Nalasopara and has an alluring charm for nature lovers, mountaineers and trekkers due to being covered with a dense forest. Besides Tungareshwar River on the slope of the hill, there is a Shiva temple with a Ramkund (reservoir) at the back making it a holy destination for Shiva devotees. In addition, there are waterfalls, streams and medicinal plants in the lush green forest.

Vajreshwari Temple: Vajreshwari Temple is based on Mandagiri hill, which was formed due to a volcanic eruption. The temple keeps a great place in Hindu mythology, as it is said to be blessed by the visits of Lord Rama and Lord Parshurama according to Puranas. The name of the temple is originated from the reincarnation of Vajrayogini in this province. There is a hot water spring near the temple and is considered must to take a bath here.
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